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Computer Technician Assistance
Serving Holland Michigan and the surrounding areas.
CTA Phn.616-928-8871
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Welcome to the Computer Technician Assistance website.

Services We Offer

Computer Maintenance and Repair

  • Diagnose, Replace, or Upgrade operating system and computer hardware components as needed.
  • Build new and used computer systems to meet customer requirements.
  • Clean and maintain computer systems.
  • Setup Internet Connections, E-Mail accounts, and Networks.
  • Design databases using Filemaker pro.
  • Online Remote Assistance.

    Basic Computer Training

  • Train in basic computer skills.
  • Train in basic e-mail skills.
  • Train in basic internet skills.


  • Internet Web page design.
  • Web page hosting.
  • Domain Names & Email Addresses

    Our Promise

  • We try to be as flexible and unobtrusive as we can.
  • Our hours are flexible, so if you would like to have work done after normal business hours,
  • or off site, we will do all we can to provide you with service you can afford and be comfortable with.